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LinkHouse Consultants is now Magic Mirror Marketing!

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Websites That

Reflect Your Magic

So You Can Make Your Mark!

A website should do more than just announce that your business exists. 
It should reflect you and actively help your business grow.

Feel Proud of Your Site

Transform Your Business

Energize Your Marketing

Has your website gone stale?

We see it all the time. You threw together a starter site when you launched your business, and then you got busy. It was good enough for a while, but now…

  • It’s hard to update.

  • It’s confusing customers

  • It doesn’t reflect who you are

How much is a fossilized site costing you in time, energy, and sales?


Your website should 
make you feel proud

At Magic Mirror, we believe your site should be more than fancy artwork, boring photos, and flat content.

Your website should be an active participant in growing your business. And it should be 100% clear on what you offer, and how you stand out from your competition.

With a customized website that showcases your true purpose, and how you uniquely help your customers—you’ll have the oomph you need to build the business of your dreams

Untitled design-66.png

A Magic Mirror website is...


Your Digital Twin

After visiting your website, your audience should feel like they know you, and want to start working with you right away.


Built to Last

Set-it-and-forget? Hardly. Your site should be easy to change as your business grows. We build for the long haul, not just where you are today.


Ridiculously Good Looking

We want you to love the way your site looks. And we mean LOVE it. There’s nothing worse than a site that doesn’t reflect you!


Easy as Pie

No more feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. Our streamlined process will get you a site you love without all the headaches. And our user-friendly platform means you won’t need a rocket scientist to update your hours.

You Deserve to love
Your Website

Like an amazing outfit that fits you perfectly the first time you try it on, your website should be something you want the world to see. Because it feels like the real you. And when you're excited about your site, you'll generate amazing momentum in your marketing and grow your business faster than you thought possible!

my-biggest-project-is-done-and-dusted-2023-11-27-05-36-39-utc web.png

Get a site that
reflects your magic
in 3 easy steps:

1. Get On Board

Schedule your free website consultation using the button below. We’ll chat for 30 minutes so you can tell us about your project, problems, and goals for your site.

2. Get Clear

Through our easy process, we’ll help you clarify your offer, ideal client, and customer journey. Then we’ll develop the right messaging and design for your site.

3. Get Launched

Before you know it, we’ll launch your clear, eye-catching site into the wild. With a customized site that shows the world who you truly are, you’ll feel proud of the impact you’re making while watching your business grow.

Untitled design-71.png

“Emilie and the team at [Magic Mirror Marketing] were very easy to work with. They were very flexible in their scheduling and the products they delivered exceeded our expectations. If you're looking to create a website or update your existing website - this is the team for you.”

Scott Kellen, Kellen Consulting Group

The Magic Mirror Promise

We’re not like most web designers. Here’s what you can count on when you work with us.



No one knows more about your business than you do. We’ll encourage you to trust yourself and see your own brilliance.

Computer with Graph


Your website should be more than fancy art on the internet. If your site’s not driving meaningful results, we’ll troubleshoot until it does.

Business Owner


Our motto for every call is, “How can we make your life better today?” Our clients breathe easier because we’ve got their backs.

Image by Avel Chuklanov


We believe your site should be flexible. So every site we build includes FREE updates for 3 months from launch. 

Untitled design-66.png
Untitled design-66.png

Stop feeling weighed down by an outdated website.

Instead, transform your business with a website that reflects your magic and works for you.

A Creative Partner
That Gets You

Hi. I’m Emilie Davis, CEO and creative partner at Magic Mirror Marketing. I get how much weight you carry as a passionate entrepreneur. But you don't need to do it alone. For 15+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of people like you build beautiful websites that reflect their magic and energize their businesses.


  • Building and designing websites for 15+ years

  • Certified StoryBrand Guide 

  • Certified Wix Legend Partner 

Web - StoryBrand Guide Badge.png
Screenshot 2020-04-17 09.29.23.png

Is your website helping your business grow?

If your site just announces you exist, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Follow these simple tips to harness the power of online marketing and energize your business.

"5 Simple Tips to Convert Website
Visitors to Customers"

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