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Testimonials & Reviews: More than just pretty words

In a time where options to buy are seemingly endless, customers are relying more and more on reviews and testimonials to help them make purchasing decisions. Whether the reviews are on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or another third party, having them available for customers to peruse can make a big difference for your business.

But not all reviews are created equal. While every five star review is worthy of celebration, it can also be to your advantage to encourage those leaving the reviews to help your business by being more direct in what they say.

The truth is, customers aren't just looking for pretty words about how happy someone is with their purchase--they're looking for clues.

Clues about what the buying experience will be like, how their life will be made better, or how simple a process will be.

When you ask customers or clients for testimonials, what you're really looking for are short "sound bites" that look great online and can be used later on your website and in emails or marketing materials. The more the client says, the more you'll have to work with!

It can be helpful to provide prompts. Below are some examples to get you started. You can pick and choose from this list based on the customer's experience.

  • What were you looking for when you began working with our company?

  • What was the most important thing you wanted when choosing to work with us?

  • What challenge were you facing when you started working with us? How did that make you feel?

  • Why did you choose us?

  • Did we do anything that exceeded your expectations? How?

  • What did you notice about us that was different from other companies you've worked with or looked into?

  • How would you describe your experience?

  • How do you feel now after working with us?

  • What are you able to enjoy now that your problem has been resolved?

  • How is your life different?

Be sure to reply and thank everyone that makes the effort (added bonus: replying can improve your SEO footprint, too!)

In the end, a review - no matter how short! - is better than no review at all.

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