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Pages to Pixels:

Launch Your Book or Author Website in 5 Days (or Less!)

You know that in today’s digital age, a compelling online presence is not just an option; it's a necessity for authors aiming to reach a wider audience and engage with readers. But after spending so much time writing and publishing your book, adding "build a website" to your to-do list can feel overwhelming!


Domain names, hosting, web design—the fear of navigating this new terrain can paralyze even the most ambitious authors. Don't let technical barriers or time constraints hold you back from sharing your stories with the world!

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Step By Step Guidance

Pages to Pixels is an online course focused on helping authors like you launch your website quickly and efficiently in 5 days or less! With our comprehensive course, you'll be guided step by step to go from concept to completion in just 5 days, ensuring you have a professional online presence ready to captivate readers and showcase your literary works in no time.

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Your 5 Day Website Plan

  • Day 1: Define Your Vision
    Lay the groundwork for your website by defining your author brand, setting goals, and outlining the key elements you want to include.

  • Day 2: Build Your Foundation
    Get your website up and running quickly with our expert guidance on domain selection, hosting setup, and platform choice.

  • Day 3: Design for Impact
    Dive into the world of website design and aesthetics, learning how to create a visually stunning site that captures the essence of your brand and captivates visitors.

  • Day 4: Grow Your Email List
    Craft a compelling lead generator to capture visitor information and grow your email list. Learn how to create irresistible incentives that encourage readers to subscribe and stay connected with your author journey.

  • Day 5: Launch and Expand
    Put the finishing touches on your website and learn strategies for driving traffic, building your audience, and expanding your reach in the digital realm.

Make Your Mark!

Don't let technical barriers or time constraints hold you back from sharing your stories with the world. Enroll now and get ready to make your mark in the digital landscape!

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Why Pages to Pixels
is right for you

  • Demystify the Digital: With straightforward guidance, we'll help you navigate the technical maze. From picking a platform to setting up your domain and optimizing your site for readers, we'll turn what once seemed daunting into second nature.

  • Build Your Brand: Discover how to integrate the themes, insights, and unique value of your book into every aspect of your online presence. We teach you to create a consistent thread that enhances your credibility and fosters reader engagement and loyalty.

  • Energize and Engage: Master the art of capturing and sustaining your audience's interest online. We'll show you how to craft and plan for what happens after someone visits your site, turning your website from art on the internet to a tool for helping you achieve your goals.


Free Website Review

Get a professional review of your website to help you refine it and make it shine!

Emilie Davis working at a desk with a laptop
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